Addressing GrappleShot's "Development Hell"

Hello everyone, thank you for waiting for so long. I am writing this to tell you that coolboi_21 and I are, yes, still working on GrappleShot, unfortunately, game development and especially multiplayer takes a very long time along with us a few weeks ago not really wanting to work on the project because of seemingly unfixable errors (spoiler: they aren't) but, soon, a multiplayer, 1.0 release will come out (hopefully before 2022). There's still much work to do, but I promise, once it's done, it'll be worth it. Heres a small amount of things we've added and you'll see eventually. 

  • Improved title screen
  • options menu that actually does things
  • info screen
  • singleplayer (not finished yet)
  • 3 weapons (more to come), AR, shotgun, sniper
  • Sniper has a different type of grapple
  • grapple is now an ability instead of right click (usually Q)
  • multiple maps
  • installer and auto-updater
  • and a lot more than that.

Thank you for being patient, can't wait to see you when its released!

Maxb0tbeep Σ:▸)

And yes, the project isn't dead, for you all that didn't read

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